Where nature meets life-sciences

Natix brings together a group of companies with a common vision

To improve human well living by creating effective & innovative solutions, valorising what nature offers and contributing to a more sustainable world.

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Snail Extracts

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Our values

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Together we value the contribution of each individual. Sharing and combining our know how & experience in long term partnerships throughout the value chain creates win-win.

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In a fast changing environment, our people take initiative and our systems are easily and quickly adapting to make it happen.

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As a company we praise enthusiasm and happiness at work. We enjoy working together and are proud about our mission to improve people’s well living in a sustainable way.

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We count on each other and earn credibility being a reliable partner for our suppliers and customers. We respect people and planet and act in a trustworthy & transparent manner.

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We share the sense of achievement. We are strongly engaged to realize our common mission.


We harvest and purify unique, bioactive compounds from nature to provide sustainable, highly effective specialty ingredients.

Since we are vertically integrated, with direct access to natural raw materials. We secure a sustainable harvesting with a relevant positive impact on the development of local communities.

Our Natural high-efficient constituents are harvested responsibly and allow our partners to replace and to reduce the use of chemical constituents contributing to a more sustainable world

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